Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How it begins

My mother called me to let me know that my father had two blocked arteries, and that there was nothing that the doctors could do. Mind you, my father has already had two heart attacks, but, evidently this was the wake-up call that was not to be ignored...
   Fast forward two weeks, my parents called and said that they were doing this new diet that his cardiologist recommended called Eat to Live. He said that he had lost 15 lbs in 5 days! Yes, 5 days!
Then he started to tell me about the diet. Mainly fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts. WHAT? My father had been on Weight Watchers for almost a year leading up to this, but no meat, no sugar?
Whatever he was doing, it was definitely working. I talked to him a few days later, and he was continuing to lose about 2 lbs. a day. Incredible. He was so excited he wanted to mail me a copy of the book. I was getting excited about his weight loss, and excited to lose weight myself and get healthy in the process.
 My 5 year old son has several food intolerances- no gluten, no dairy, and no soy, so I am familiar with restrictive diets. I am creating this blog to memorialize my journey, hold myself accountable, share recipes, and hopefully encourage others out there on a similar journey to health and weight loss.
May the adventures begin!

Here is a link to my father's blog

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